Greek Architecture

Greek Temple

The refinement of form and the stylistic bravado bestowed upon the Greek temple establishes it as the architectural eye-candy of its time. Its endurance and proportional harmony rendered it a de facto architectural influence for the last two thousand years of western building tradition.
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The Acropolis of Athens

Greek Theater

The Greek Theater was a central place of formal gatherings in ancient greece. Not only did the structure serve as the stage for Tragedies and Comedies, but it also provided a forum for poetry and musical events.

Greek Stadiums

Athletic events provided the opportunity for all the city-states of Greece to gather and to strengthen their common bonds through competition. Athletic events were a great spectacle in antiquity and for many a peasant the only form of grand entertainment. The Olympic games were born in these stadiums, while wars and disputes among countries were put aside while the games were on.
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Best known to us are the palaces of Minoan Crete, the Mycenaean palaces of Peloponnese, and the Macedonian Palaces of northern Greece. As Greek society developed to be democratic during Classical times, there was no need to build palaces for the leaders.
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