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Acropolis Museum

Most of the artifact unearthed at the Acropolis of Athens are now exhibited at the Acropolis Museum, including the most extensive group of Korai statues, and the sculptures that once adorned the Parthenon.

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Vistit the Acropolis


Athens National Archaeological Museum

The largest museum of Greece hosts the most important artifacts from the entire country under one roof. All eras of Ancient Greek history are represented from the stone age to the Roman Era.

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Delphi Museum

Click to see pictures from the Delphi Archaeological museum.The Delphi Museum houses artifacts unearthed from the ancient oracle of Delphi. It houses some very important sculptures from Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greece, including the Charioteer of Delphi, and the two Kouros statues known as Kleovis and Biton.

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Eleusis Museum

The archaeological Museum of Eleusis (Elefsina) is located on the hill above the Telesterion and houses artifacts from the excavations at the Eleusis sanctuary. Artifacts in its collection date from Stone Age to Byzantine times

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Eretria Museum

The Eretria Archaeological museum houses a small, but very important collection of artifacts found in excavations around Evia. Highlights of the museum include the unique terracotta centaur and other finds from Lefkandi, and the sculptures from the archaic temple of Apollo Daphnophoros that depict an amazonomachy. The finds from the Lefkandi heroon have shed new light in a previously little-understood period of ancient Greece: the Dark Ages.

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Heraklion Museum

Click to see pictures from the Arcaeological Museum of Heraklion, Crete.One of the most important museums of Greece, the Heraklion museum displays artifacts from the numerous archaeological sites of Crete. The exhibitions span several millennia, beginning with finds from paleolithic Crete, and ending with the Roman occupation of the island.

The highlights of the museum include several ceremonial rythons, numerous Kamares pottery, several sculptures, and gold jewelry.

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Marathon Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Marathon exhibits art and artifacts unearthed in the surrounding area. Marathon was inhabited since the stone age, so items on display date between the Middle Helladic to the Roman eras.

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Nikopolis Museum

The museum hosts Roman and Byzantine finds from ancient Nikopolis.




Sitia Museum

Click to visti the archaeological museum of Sitia pagesThe archaeological museum of Sitia in is home to the major archaeological finds from the sites excavated in Eastern Crete. Its small size packs a large number of paleolithic, Minoan, Classical, Hellenistic, and Roman artifacts.

The highlights of the museum of Sitia include several tablets of Linear A script, a large number of pottery, and the statuette pictured here.

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Thera Prehistoric Museum

Museum of Prehistoric Thera, SantoriniThe Prehistoric Museum of Thera houses a large collection of artifacts from Akrotiri.

Highlights of the museum include several large wall frescoes such as the "Wall Paintings of Monkeys" and the "Wall Paintings of the House of the Ladies" (ca. 17 c. BCE), many cycladic statuettes, a multitude pottery, and every day artifacts that were buried in Akrotiri by the eruption of the Thera volcano.

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