Delphi Tholos

The Tholos at Delphi

The sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, and the Tholos.

The tholos is a circular building which was created between 380 and 360 BC at the center of the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. It is constructed with 20 Doric columns on its exterior diameter which measures 14.76m.

The building stands 13.5 meters tall at the center of the Athena Pronaia sanctuary, and its interior columns were of the Corinthian order.

Photo Gallery

  • The entablature of the Tholos' Doric peristyle. It has four metopes with statues depicting the abduction of a female by a Centaur, a seated horse, and a warrior mounting a horse. The metopes were badly damaged in antiquity when they were removed to be used as building material for an unrelated building.

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