As the domain of men was hunting and gathering, the women took to plowing and scattering seeds to reap harvest. A female deity would best understand a woman’s work, and Demeter was born to worship.

She was the goddess of the crop, and the sacrifices made to her were not bloody or cruel, but consisted of any humble act that resulted in a plentiful farm. She was ever-thought of at the time of feasting or harvesting.            

Demeter had one daughter—Persephone—a child of spring. When Persephone was lost to Demeter, snatched away by the Lord of the Underworld, Demeter withheld her gifts to the earth and turned the land into a frozen desert. However, this barren spell only transpired four months out of the year when Persephone must don the persona as maiden of the underworld and sit by her husband Hades.