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Ceramic Pitcher

A fine example of "Kamares" ware with thin walls, elegant spout, and bold designs. Read more about Minoan pottery

Protopalatial Period, 27 cm tall (10 5/8")

The Phaistos Disk

Clay tablet found at Phaistos with early writing which resembles hieroglyphic signs. Several symbols are grouped in a spiral manner between lines on both faces of the disk. The script has not been deciphered to date. Visit the palace of Phaistos

Protopalatial Period, diameter 10.8 - 10.5 cm

Snake Goddess

The famous statuette found at Knossos depicts a snake goddess or a high priestess. Made of clay, with raised arms which make the idol appear animated. The dress is typical of Minoan attire.
Found at Knossos.

Neopalatial Period, 29.5 cm high (11 5/8")

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Bull's Head Rython

Carved out of Steatite with gilded horns, with eyes made of red jasper, and white shell or marble for the line around the nostrils. Found at Knossos.

Neopalatial Period, 30.5 cm high (12")

Compare: "Bull's Head" found at Mycenae

Harvester Vase

Carved of Steatite (brown, greenish soapstone). The low relief was probably covered with gold leaf and depicts a group of joyous harvesters returning from an olive grove. See more at the Minoan Art Page. Found at Agia Triada near Phaistos. Read more about this Harvester Rython

Neopalatial Period, 11.3 cm high (4.5")

Gold Bee Pendant

Cast gold with gold granules soldered on the surface.
Found at Chrysolakos at Malia. The two bees arranged symmetrically around a drop of honey. Read more about Minoan metalworking

Protopalatial Period, 4.6 cm high (1 13/16")

Bull Leaping Fresco

Fresco from Knossos depicting a running bull an three acrobats performing. To the left a woman holds the running bull by its horns, while a man balances on the animal's back (perhaps drawn in mid-air as he leaps), and behind the bull another woman stands as if she is about to catch the leaping man, or as if she has just landed from her own leap. Read more about Minoan wall paintings

Late Neopalatial Period, 62.3 cm high (24.5")


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